We recognise the need to create a more sustainable environment for everyone.


At Normans we realise that unfortunately the work that we do does result in a neutral carbon footprint. We do however actively aim to reduce our footprint by implementing the following practices:

Continual upgrades to fleet with late model European trucks the standard purchase. All late model Volvos are outfitted with Dynafleet, Adblue and are also more aerodynamically shaped resulting less fuel consumption. Dynafleet is continually monitored by management in combination with ongoing driver assessments and training for optimal driver performance and accountability.

Onsite workshop with mechanics for all general servicing, maintenance and repairs to reduce unnecessary travel to third party services. Our preventative maintenance is comprehensive to ensure that each vehicle is running to optimum performance.

All trailer additions to the fleet are fitted with a tyre inflation system to ensure tyres are consistently at optimum pressure to reduce drag and maximise fuel efficiency.

Thoughtful and concise load planning to reduce trucks from running empty.

Forklifts are LPG driven and store sweeper machines are battery powered both of which resulting in less emissions.

All warehouses and depot lighting upgraded to high efficiency LED lighting.

Upgrade of all heat pump units in office’s to new energy efficient models.

Actively working towards a paperless system with the likes of electronic invoicing and vehicle service cards.